Noteworthy terms used in the report

Audit Ernst & Young Inc. and KPMG Inc. conducted an audit of the consolidated and separate financial statements which are presented in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Black All African, Coloured or Indian people qualifying for South African citizenship by birth or descent, or people who were naturalised before 27 April 1994.
King IV King IV Report on Corporate GovernanceTM for South Africa, 2016
Limited Assurance Ernst & Young Inc. and PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. have undertaken a limited assurance engagement over select indicators set out in the Balanced Scorecard (marked with an LA).
Normalised Barclays PLC contributed GBP765m (R12.6bn) towards the Separation and it is expected that it will neutralise the capital and cash flow impact of Separation investments on the Group over time. This will result in a disconnect between the underlying business performance and IFRS results. Refer to the Financial Director’s review.
SA African With reference to the definition of Black above, SA African refers specifically to Africans, excluding Coloureds and Indians.
Separation The programme of activities over approximately three years which will disengage the Barclays Africa and Barclays PLC businesses from one another. Refer to the Separation programme timeline.
Verified Empowerdex have undertaken an independent verification engagement over the broad-based black economic empowerment performance of our South African operations (marked with a V).
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