Integrated planning to create sustainable value

Our integrated planning takes into account our Purpose, capabilities, strategic ambitions and operating environment. We consider our current and future resource needs and our stakeholders’ needs across the Six Capitals.

Our stakeholders’ expectations can be summarised into the following groupings:

  • Update on the Separation and future strategy
  • Sustained financial returns
  • Stability of the financial services industry and compliance with relevant legislation
  • Responsible banking and fair treatment of customers and clients
  • Effective and efficient management of regulatory change, balanced with customer and client service outcomes and costs
  • Access to and availability of convenient, safe and reliable financial services
  • Leveraging IT advances, while managing the associated risks
  • An employee value proposition that includes fair reward and recognition, personal and professional development opportunities and an inspiring work environment
  • Contributions to transformation through broad-based black economic empowerment in South Africa
  • Contributions towards societal developments such as education and economic development
  • Responsible management of direct and indirect environmental impacts

We also take into account our stakeholders’ perceptions. In 2017, these perceptions were influenced by the Barclays PLC sell-down; speculation regarding the Public Protector’s Bankorp report; and service downtime in multiple markets.

We continue our integrated planning, ensuring that our strategy and scarce resources considerations are incorporated into execution plans.

We consider the key matters identified by stakeholders and take into account three distinct phases and timelines.

Integrated planning requires us to consider trade-offs between possible responses, timing and execution requirements, as well as their importance and impact in achieving our strategy.

We assess potential opportunities within our risk appetite framework to balance future growth with responsible risk management. We also consider possible changes to our business model to remain relevant and competitive.

Africa is our destiny. We aim to be the financial services group of choice, providing sustainable returns and contributing to the shared growth of the communities in which we operate. We have a large balance sheet and strong market positions and our distribution network and digital platforms reach a large and diverse customer and client base.

2017 marked a historic moment as we welcomed the dawn of a new Barclays Africa Group. The Barclays PLC sell-down presented a platform for change. Based on resource availability, current and anticipated requirements and the three distinct phases (as outlined on the opposite page), we made certain trade-offs, we re-prioritised change initiatives, and implemented new projects.