Governance review


Good corporate governance creates and sustains shareholder value; ensures that our behaviour is ethical; and promotes positive outcomes for all stakeholders.


Our Board is the apex governance forum in the Barclays Africa Group. The leadership provided by the Board creates value for our shareholders and benefits for all stakeholders.

The Board actively engages management in setting, approving and overseeing execution of the strategy and related policies. It monitors that management (i) maintains internal controls for assurance of effective and efficient operations, and compliance with laws and regulations; and (ii) does this within an ethical environment.

Executive management

Our Executive Committee is responsible for the execution of Group strategy and day-to-day management and is guided by relevant frameworks, policies and standards, such as the enterprise risk management framework and our code of conduct.

We consolidated our various management-level risk committees into a single enterprise-wide risk committee, and we created the Group Change Committee with a focus on Separation execution, including our strategic investment spend.

The Executive Committee, and its various committees, report to the Board and Board committees in accordance with their respective mandates to ensure the appropriate flow of information from the mandated executive forums to the relevant oversight forums.
The colour codes indicate the primary lines of reporting.