2017 Board and committee attendance

Attendance is an important factor in the Board’s ability to discharge its duties and responsibilities and care is taken in preparing the Board calendar to enable meeting attendance. If a director is unable to attend a meeting (these are generally ad hoc), an apology is recorded, and if possible, he/she makes written or oral contributions ahead of the meeting.

We expect, and receive, significant commitment from our Board members as illustrated by the table below, with 96% attendance of all scheduled meetings; and 95% attendance of all meetings including ad hoc meetings. After taking unscheduled meetings into account, the total number of meetings held was 63 (2016: 64), excluding Separation Oversight Committee meetings. The Separation Oversight Committee meetings are separately reflected given that they will cease on completion of the Separation.

1 Resigned, effective 30 June.
2 Resigned, effective 30 April.
3 Joined the Barclays Africa Board and the GRCMC effective 1 May.
4 Joined the Barclays Africa Board, ITC and SEC effective 1 September.
5 Also chairs the Absa Bank and Absa Financial Services boards.
6 Also attends the Absa Financial Services Actuarial committee and is a member of the Absa Group Pension Fund.
7 All members of the Absa Bank board.
8 In addition there are Disclosure and Technical Disclosure sub-committees supporting the GACC which met four times in the year.